What's the Big Idea Behind It?

Why She-Balls you ask? Women are defined by our ability to be feminine and nurturing. I am grateful to count these among our many great attributes. But as we know, we are also driven, powerful and focused. When a woman comes forward to stand up for herself, people might say, "She has balls to say or do that!" I think it used to feel more like a put down, but more and more often women say it to each other, and about themselves with a greater sense of pride.

She-Balls means exactly the same thing as "strong-woman" just a little more modern and a more intentional, and in another dimension!

The idea of owning a blingy pair of balls or apparel is really the same as having any good luck charm or good hair day. They impart special power. Some days, when you have a great deal to manage, those are the days that a pause to look at your Balls of Steel, or Brass Balls, reminds you what they mean. Am I weak? NO! I have balls! And a woman who has balls does what needs to be done and doesn't apologize for it! That reminder allows you to refill your spirit with the essential masculine and feminine energy it takes to power through. The masculine energy is within us but not something we lead with on a daily basis. We do have the ability to surge it forward when needed. And we do this by having the mindful awareness that it is a part of us, always.

That's where She-Balls come in. Making us mindful. She-Balls is not about being aggressive or abrasive. It is about commanding respect from others based on the respect you have for yourself. It is about knowing what you are capable of and asserting for your rights that enables you to achieve your goals. It's not that you are weak when you cry, that is part of the beautiful balance. You can put your tears in a She-Bawl hanky and let that healthy release recharge you and go for the best resolution to your situation. Life won't be easy all the time and the challenges can test your strength. You don't have to always be strong, but you do have to desire to be strong. That's when a focused moment staring at your She-Balls can alter your state of mind and move you into a position of willful and directed self control.

Often it's the odd turn of events that leads to the greatest triumphs. Life would be boring if everything always went as planned. I don't really want a perfect path, truthfully what I really want is the ability to handle it all with grace and energy left over at the end of the day. That is possible and it all starts with the knowledge that I am strong in my mind. Resolute in my goals. Consistent in my expectations for myself. And on the days and hours when I am vaguely feeling my inner power BAM! I get a look at those balls and it all comes rushing back!

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